Gaia Audiovisuals was founded in 1998. Its activity is based on the production of quality fiction films and documentaries. Over the years, its audiovisual projects have won many awards and distinctions, participating in Class A festivals such as Karlovy Vary, Montreal and Cairo. Gaia is also known for its international co-productions, mainly with Germany, and for the wide distribution of its productions both nationally and internationally. Its films have been acquired by important networks, as prestigious as HBO (“Family Games”), Arte Francia (“Comida Para Gatos”) or ZDF (“Implosion”) among others; and recently, by worldwide platforms such as NETFLIX (“Neckan” and “The Man Who wanted to See It All”).   

Its producer, Carles Pastor, is member of the European Film Academy. He was elected as Emerging Producer at the Jihlava International Film Festival, and nominated for the Berlinale Talent Campus.


Outstanding Projects


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